Friday, 14 June 2013

The End - Chapter 2

The End
Chapter 2
Goblins revenge

I kept on walking towards the others. Suddenly I began to fall through the snow into, what seemed like, a bottomless pit. I was confused and puzzled and had no idea what was going on. Then it hit me. No, literally I fell to the floor. THUD! 
I got up  and brushed myself off. I drew my sword and strained to see in the dark. A dim light began to shine and I walked towards it. It began to get lighter but was still fairly dark. It was misty and I could barely see. As far as knew, nobody was down here so I began to walk forward looking for an exit. Then I saw the shape of a man in the fog moving out of my sight. 
I ran towards it and looked where he had gone. 
No one was there. Then I found some cages. 
People were in them! Finally I had found human life I unlocked the cages and introduced myself. 
“ I don’t mean to sound rude or anything,” I said to about 19 people “But we should get going, God knows what's down here come on I’ll lead”.
We walked off and soon we came to a flooded place but it had to do because it was the only safe way to get to the other side. 

We began to walk through the water. I told them all about the shadow I had seen but when I looked there was no one there. A girl who was about 19 stopped nobody seemed to notice. Something moved around her. It moved again in a circle around her. Suddenly she was rapidly dragged under water and began to scream and shout. Blood seemed to rise to the surface. 

I swam to her as the water had got up to my waste. I held her up and she screamed “ Alligator! On my leg!” 

“Look at your leg nothings their” 

The blood wasn’t there either. 

“ Oh no” said someone “ You said there was a man when there wasn’t she said that an alligator bit her leg. We’re hallucinating.” 

This was not good news. It meant we were running out of air. We kept on going forward. Then I saw daylight. I ran towards the door it was coming from and barged it open with my shoulder. But then, the worst possible thing happened. The things that had threatened to rip my eyes out turned up. 

Turns out that all the people I had been walking with were them as well. 

“Listen. I don’t even mean to be here, I just happen to,” I stopped in mid-sentence and ran like the wind. 

“ Get her!” I heard them shout. 


I heard my heart beating. At that moment something sharp pricked me in the back and I felt myself slowing down and becoming sleepy. The knife-like metal was excruciating as I realized what it was. 

“Stun darts!” I said in a slow and dreamy voice as I wobbled and fell to the floor with a thud. Before I shut my eyes I saw all the angry faces of the goblins and in the distance I thought I saw a troop of my sword fighting state- of- the- art friends come to save me. But then I realized I was hallucinating and reluctantly fell into a deep sleep...

Monday, 29 April 2013

Problem solving - Maths

The End - Chapter 1

The End
Chapter 1
One stormy night, I ran through the harsh, cold wind and pushed against it as the rain spat and poured from the sky. The fierce wind roared and howled in my ear and I ran back into a dark cave that I was in the night before. Well I think that maybe you would like to know how I got into this situation. Right? Okay from the beginning.
It was a glorious winter’s day and I was trudging through the snow to my school. My school was not an ordinary school with the blackboard and girls secretly giggling in the toilet. My school was a sword fighting school plus I thought my teacher was a werewolf.  Today we would have to climb the biggest mountain: mount Eviest… I knew it would be a tricky mission however I was confident (I wasn’t actually but that’s what I told every one) that I would make it to the top! This was going to be awesome but something didn’t seem right something was wrong and I couldn’t help feeling that it was really important…
Finally, we got to the mountain yet I still felt as if some blood-curdling monster was watching me and then it hit me! A few years ago I came here in search of a yeti and when I did a small man said he’d it my brains if I ever returned. I shuddered. I touched the snow and my hand jerked back. Something had bit me! I was furious but in agony pain at the same time! I stomped on the pile of snow that had, supposedly, bit me but it was just like normal snow. What was going on…? When we were about half way up the mountain, I stopped.
“Psssst” whispered a familiar voice.
I knew who it was so I ran ahead with the others. I desperately tried to hide myself between the others but then something said creepily “I know who you are and I know where you are”.
I ran forward more shaking my head in confusion. Then I small devious figure appeared in front of me. I rubbed my eyes and when I opened them again it was gone.
I ran to catch up with the others but tripped on my way over a stone saying: “You can’t run from us there is no escaping” I ran at full speed.
This would not end well…


Friday, 19 April 2013


The cake that Mr. Griffiths will be savouring this weekend, made this afternoon. What do you think guys?

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Alternative Ending - Gangster Granny

Chapter 33 - Gangster Granny!

At that moment, Ben and Granny got out of going to jail because the cops thought that they had stolen the crown jewels but the queen came in, so they did not steal them. Then Granny told Ben that the doctor said she was fine and she did not have to go into the hospital anyway.
So then they all went home and the queen was on tv and Granny, Ben and his mum and dad watched it and at the end of the of the show the queen lifted her skirt up and, and Ben said that the queen was a proper gangster now!!

Is Ryan the new David Walliams? What do you think of his alternative ending to the book?

This is as part of the Reading Zoo activities - why don't you have a go at writing your own alternative ending to your favourite book and paste it in the comments section below!

Poem by Dylan and Alana

Dylan and Alana would love your comments on their poem - so, what do you think?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dylan's Holiday Homework

Dylan has written a fantastic set of newspaper articles reporting what he has done over the Easter Holiday. These are just two of the articles he has written:

Tuesday 2nd April

       Brown Family House Bonkers
Today at the Brown family house the Brown brothers friends came round: Yakub and Deren. They played skylander giants with them and they enjoyed going to the Apsley paper mill and doing some Easter activities. They were making banners, posters and drawings to take home and decorate their own houses. After that they went back to the Brown family’s house and had a delicious lunch.


Thursday 11th April
Den discovery
Today at Ashridge common an unsuspecting  member of the public discovered some amazing complex wooden structures at Ashridge common forest school. There were some mysterious dens in this area some made with gigantic sticks and some too small for even a fox to fit in. They reported it to the local newspaper a newspaper reporter researched about this and they found out the Brown family went on a den building day with some other people and they’re who made the dens. After this there was a lorry and truck getting rid of the fallen down logs.